Accepted Papers

The Programme Committee has selected 14 papers for presentation at the workshop:

  • nDrites: Enabling Laboratory Resource Multi-Agent Systems
    Katie Atkinson, Frans Coenen, Phil Goddard, Terry Payne and Luke Riley
  • Data and Norm-aware Multiagent Systems for Software Modularization (Position Paper)
    Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Diego Calvanese, Roberto Micalizio and Marco Montali
  • Agent Oriented Methodology for Cognitive Agents in Serious Games
    Wai Shiang Cheah, John-Jules Meyer and Kuldar Taveter
  • Augmenting Agent Computational Environments with Quantitative Reasoning Modules and Customizable Bridge Rules
    Stefania Costantini and Andrea Formisano
  • Monitoring Patients with Hypoglycemia using Self-Adaptive Protocol-Driven Agents: a Case Study
    Angelo Ferrando, Viviana Mascardi and Davide Ancona
  • Limitations and Divergences in Approaches for Agent-Oriented Modelling and Programming
    Artur Freitas, Rafael C. Cardoso, Renata Vieira and Rafael H. Bordini
  • An agent-oriented programming approach for high-performance multiagent-based simulation
    Benjamin Herd
  • Application Framework with Abstractions for Protocol and Agent Role
    Bent Bruun Kristensen
  • A Namespace Approach for Modularity in BDI Programming Languages
    Gustavo Ortiz-Hernández, Jomi F. Hübner, Rafael H. Bordini, Alejandro Guerra-Hernández, Guillermo De J. Hoyos-Rivera and Nicandro Cruz-Ramírez
  • ARGO: A Customized Jason Architecture for Programming Embedded Robotic Agents
    Carlos Pantoja, Márcio Stabile Jr, Nilson Mori Lazarin and Jaime Sichman
  • A Multi-Agent Solution for the Deployment of Distributed Applications in Ambient Systems
    Ferdinand Piette, Costin Caval, Cédric Dinont, Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni and Patrick Taillibert
  • How testable are BDI agents? An analysis of branch coverage
    Michael Winikoff
  • Reasoning about the Executability of Goal-Plan Trees
    Yuan Yao, Lavindra de Silva and Brian Logan