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Agent-Based Smart Campus

The Smart Comet Campus

Overview 1
CometPark 2
CometNav 3
CometCab 4
CometClubs 5
The Future 6

The Smart Comet Campus project was started by Dr. Rym Zalila-Wenkstern and her team in Fall 2013. The project is dedicated to transforming the University of Texas at Dallas’ campus into a sensor-based, smart university.

Through the utilization of a system of software agents and sensors, the smart campus project will provide specialized services to students, faculty and staff on the university grounds. Our short-term goal is to initially implement a variety of distinct services for the system’s audience, while the next step is to develop a multi-agent framework that coordinates these services.

The Smart Comet Campus project is open to all of the university’s undergraduate and Master’s level students who wish to contribute to further improve the quality of our lives on campus.

Main Contributors:

  • Nick Bourov
  • Sihui Huang
  • Jennifer Jiang
  • Amir Saran

CometPark is a Smart-Phone application that assists users in finding, and quickly navigating to available parking locations throughout the campus. Through a smart ranking list the application also provides real-time status updates for each parking spot. The system also allows users to distinguish parking spots by their permit type.

This project was completed in Spring 2014 by the Advanced Software Engineering Project (SE 6387) students. The team of Luis Furtado, Oluseyi Ogunsemi, and Ramon Rivera was awarded the Best Design and Doc­u­ment­ta­tion. The team of Dolly Dogiparthy, Shiva Malavika Ganesh, Sripadmanaban Subramanian, and Yue Wu won the Best System Engineering Award for the completion of this project.

CometNav is a Smart-Phone application providing efficient indoor navigation within buildings. Navigating indoors can be a daunting task for students, staff, and visitors alike. Finding your way around buildings faster is an invaluable necessity for all. Due to technical constraints, normal outdoor navigation at its current form is ineffective when used in an indoor environment.

This project was completed in Spring 2014 by the Executive Master’s Advanced Software Engineering Project (SE 6387.M01) students. The team made up of Sushil Uday Muzumdar Tracey L. Uddin, Lewis Cluck, Hariprasad Nagalla , Tom Kurien, John B. Hamilton, Ajaykumar Aswathappa and Andrew Bui won the Best System Engineering Award.

Future enhancements of CometNav include the use of low energy bluetooth sensors and the integration of voice assistance.

Our newest addition to the Smart Campus family of services is CometCab.

UT Dallas has shuttles that help students, staff, and visitors travel around our continuously growing campus. However, a major issue is that our shuttles do not have an easily identifiable schedule and no one knows when they are going to catch one.
We have therefore introduced an Smart-Phone application that allows users to know at all times when and where the cabs are. This service is the newest addition to our growing list of services. The development of this project is in response to many student’s request to enhance their CometCab experience.
This project was completed in Spring 2015 by the Advanced Software Engineering Project (SE 6387) students.




CometClubs is an IOS mobile, social networking application that is designed to promote student engagement, based on the students’ common interests, and strengthen the foundation that provides overall student academic success.

The application focuses on providing opportunities for new student experiences. The CometClubs (alias FunEd/Flock) application enables the individual student to find and join groups that match their interest.

This application was created and developed as a capstone project for the Executive Masters of Science in Software Engineering (2014 Cohort) for SE 6387 Advanced Software Engineering Project in Spring 2016.

The 7UP team consisted of:

  • Abdullah Moyeen
  • Adam Howard
  • Haitham Muhsen
  • Mahabubul Alam
  • Maryam Partovi
  • Niranjan Marathe
  • Raza Muhammad

The Mach VII team consisted of:

  • Dana Crosslin
  • Sasi Chellappan
  • Prabin Gautam
  • Thomas Goodwin
  • Suelin Gung
  • Gerard Matthew
  • Michelle Mulkey

Our vision is to have a fully implemented Smart Campus which will serve as a model for other campuses. Not only will this project help with our everyday lives, but it will also inspire and depict the many potential uses for the agent technology. Our hope is that one day we will live in smart cities where our Smart Campus project can be taken to a much larger scale in order to help serve millions of people.