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Agent-Oriented Software Engineering


Overview 1

Although much progress has been made in the development of multi-agent systems, the systematic development of large-scale MAS still poses many challenges. Even though various models, techniques and methodologies have been proposed in the literature, researchers and developers are still faced with the common questions:

  • Which architectures are suitable for MAS?
  • How do we specify, design, implement, validate and verify our systems?
  • Which notations, models and programming languages are appropriate?
  • Which development tools and frameworks are available?
  • Which processes and methodologies can integrate all of the above and provide a disciplined approach to the rapid development of quality MAS?

The purpose of this project is to build on the knowledge acquired in developing large-scale MAS to define processes, methodologies and tools for a class of MAS. The emphasis is on:

  • Processes and methodologies for MAS development
  • Requirements Engineering for MAS
  • Software Architectures and Design Patterns for MAS
  • Testing techniques for MAS
  • Tools for MAS specification and validation
  • Tools for MAS design
  • Tools and infrastructures for MAS programming
  • Tools for MAS testing
  • Visualization tools