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Buying and Selling Used Books

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Every semes­ter, stu­dents at UTD buy and sell used text­books, but none of the options avail­able pro­vide a delight­ful expe­ri­ence or opti­mal prices. Local used book­stores, like Half Price Books, are unlike­ly to have the required books in stock, and the UTD book­store, while con­ve­nient and bet­ter stocked for stu­dents, charges a sig­nif­i­cant markup on used books, and offers reduced resale val­ue. There are many online options avail­able which tend to pro­vide low­er prices and bet­ter resale val­ue, but they have sig­nif­i­cant draw­backs in terms of con­ve­nience. Options like Ama­zon and Chegg.com, are tar­get­ed at books sales, but the stu­dents sell­ing their books must have accounts with these ser­vices, and must spend time pack­ag­ing and ship­ping their books. Buy­ers must spend a great deal of time search­ing those mar­kets for the cor­rect titles, doing price com­par­i­son, and when they pur­chase, they must wait for the books to be shipped, and must buy sight unseen. 

With all these bar­ri­ers and incon­ve­niences, we believe that the used text­book mar­ket on cam­pus pro­vides a fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate a solu­tion to bring val­ue, con­ve­nience, and delight to UTD stu­dents buy­ing or sell­ing their books.

Our goal is to cre­ate a ser­vice with an accom­pa­ny­ing app specif­i­cal­ly for UTD stu­dents that will enable them to buy and sell the text­books they need for class­es direct­ly with each oth­er with ease and for the best val­ue. The app will use student’s UTD account in order to intel­li­gent­ly and auto­mat­i­cal­ly rec­om­mend the books required for their upcom­ing cours­es, as well as the books they may want to sell at the end of the semes­ter. The app will con­nect buy­ers direct­ly with sell­ers, as well as pro­vid­ing them the abil­i­ty to com­mu­ni­cate with­in the app in order to com­plete their trans­ac­tion in per­son. In these ways, not only will the app cut out the mid­dle-man from book trans­ac­tions, it will also remove the fuss and incon­ve­nience of buy­ing and sell­ing used books from student’s lives and pro­vide a pos­i­tive ben­e­fit to the UTD cam­pus community.

Buy­ing and Sell­ing Used Books