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Smart Parking

Comet Park

Overview 1
Demos 2

CometPark is a Smart-Phone application that assists users in finding, and quickly navigating to available parking locations throughout the campus. Through a smart ranking list the application also provides real-time status updates for each parking spot. The system also allows users to distinguish parking spots by their permit type.

This project was completed in Spring 2014 by the Advanced Software Engineering Project (SE 6387) students. The team of Luis Furtado, Oluseyi Ogunsemi, and Ramon Rivera was awarded the Best Design and Doc­u­ment­ta­tion. The team of Dolly Dogiparthy, Shiva Malavika Ganesh, Sripadmanaban Subramanian, and Yue Wu won the Best System Engineering Award for the completion of this project.

Comet Park System