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Creating the main project

In this tutorial, we describe the process of creating the maven project of the traffic simulation system.

  1. To create the maven project, open the Eclipse IDE. Then from the menu choose File > New > Project > Maven Project. Select “Maven Project” then press “Next”. The following figure illustrates creating a maven project in Eclipse.
  2. Check the box “Create a simple project (skip archetype selection)” and press next. You could also uncheck the box “Use default Workspace location” to choose where you want to store this project.
  3. Enter the “Group Id” that uniquely identifies your project. The “Group Id” is written as a domain URL controlled by your group.
  4. Enter the “Artifact Id” that identifies your application. For instance, in our case, we set the “Artifact Id” to be “traffic” as we are implementing a traffic simulator.
  5. Set the Maven project “Version” number as required.
  6. Set the project “Packaging” option to “pom”.
  7. Enter the project “Name” and “Description” as desired.
    The following figure illustrates our “traffic” project configuration.