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Creating the project modules

After creating the “traffic” project, we will create three maven modules that extend the corresponding DIVAs modules and provide domain-specific implementations of the traffic simulation system. As explained earlier, these modules are the “Traffic-Simulation”, “Traffic-GUI”, and “Traffic-Visualization”.

  1. Right click on the “traffic” project in the project explorer and choose: New > Other … > Maven > Maven Module then press next.
  2. Check the “Create a simple project (skip archetype selection)” check box and set the “Module Name” as “traffic-simulation”.
  3. Set the “Parent Project” to “traffic” by pressing the “Browse” button and choosing the “traffic” project then press “Next”.
  4. Choose the “Group Id” to be the same as the “traffic” project “Group Id”, set the “Version” as desired and make sure to change the “Packaging” to “jar”. Then, press “Finish”.
  5. Repeat the steps “a” to “d” to create “traffic-GUI” and “traffic-Visualization” modules.
    The following figure shows the project explorer after creating the aforementioned maven modules.