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DIVAs 4 Architecture


DIVAs 4 provides JAVA programmers with the components necessary to build executable agent-based simulation systems. Based on sound software engineering principles (i.e., separation of concerns, modularity, information hiding), we have defined and completed a flexible and extensible, “plug-in” architecture whose components can be instantiated and reused to develop various multi-agent simulation systems. The framework is fully implemented in Java and is based on state-of-the-art enterprise-scale technologies (e.g., ActiveMQ , jMonkey, JavaFX).


DIVAs Main Constituents

  • The Simulation Module creates large-scale simulation instances.
  • The Message Transport Service (MTS) provides a messaging infrastructure that allows different elements of the simulation to communicate.
  • The interactive Control and Visualization Module receives information from the MTS, renders 2D/3D images of the simulation, and allows simulation interaction (e.g., environment specification, event triggers, agent, and environment property modification).

DIVAs Core Constituents

  • The Agent System creates and manages agents in the simulation.
  • The Environment System creates and manages a dynamic environment in which the agents are situated.
  • The Simulation Microkernel encapsulates the most important core services of the framework (e.g., simulation heartbeat), manages the workflow of the simulation and provides mechanisms for loading/storing agent and environment specifications to/from persistent storage (e.g., xml file).

DIVAs Additional Components

  • Data Management System for storing and processing information collected from the simulation.
  • Domain-Specific Libraries for the rapid development of simulation platforms. Currently, DIVAs embeds models for virtual agents and traffic simulation domains.