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Most of the “engine” package classes are already fully implemented in DIVAs. The developer must only provide a concrete implementation for “TrafficCursorManager” class which describes the creation of a hardware cursor to be displayed in the 3D traffic visualizer.

Implementing the “TrafficCursorManager” class

  1. Inside the package “edu.utdallas.mavs.traffic.visualization.vis3D.engine”, create a class named “TrafficCursorManager” that extends the class “CursorManager” defined in the package “edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.visualization.vis3D.engine”.
  2. In this example, we use the same hardware cursor provided in DIVAs.

The following code provides the full implementation of this class:

package edu.utdallas.mavs.traffic.visualization.vis3D.engine;

import com.jme3.asset.AssetManager;

import edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.visualization.vis3D.engine.CursorManager;

 * This class describes the hardware cursor manager of the 3D visualizer.
public class TrafficCursorManager extends CursorManager

    public TrafficCursorManager(AssetManager assetmanager)