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This class describes the 3D visualizer singleton class. It contains the main components of the 3D visualizer. To implement this class:

  1. Inside the package “edu.utdallas.mavs.traffic.visualization.vis3D”, create a class named “TrafficVisualizer3DApplication” that extends the class “Visualizer3DApplication” defined in the package “edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.visualization.vis3D”.
  2. The class implementation injects a “TrafficVisualizer3DApplication” constructor that invokes its super class constructor.

The following code provides the implementation of this class:

package edu.utdallas.mavs.traffic.visualization.vis3D;

import com.google.inject.Inject;

import edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.core.client.SimAdapter;
import edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.visualization.vis3D.Visualizer3DApplication;
import edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.visualization.vis3D.spectator.VisualSpectator;

 * This class describes the 3D visualizer singleton class.
 * <p>
public class TrafficVisualizer3DApplication extends Visualizer3DApplication<TrafficApplication>
    public TrafficVisualizer3DApplication(SimAdapter simClientAdapter, TrafficApplication app, VisualSpectator spectator)
        super(simClientAdapter, app, spectator);