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The Editing System


DIVAs Editing System allows users to create virtual worlds by adding and/or editing virtual entities. The Editing System also allows users to interact with the simulation at run-time (e.g., trigger an event) or edit properties of agents and environment (e.g., change an agent vision scope, add or edit environment object). User inputs are converted into user commands by the Simulation Commander and transmitted as external stimuli messages to the Divas-Core through the MTS.

Demo: Environment Specification Tool

This video shows how to specify a simulation environment using the Environment Specification Tool. The user uses the Nifty GUI menu to seach for an object by name, type or description. The selected object is added to the environment by clicking and dropping. The specification tool also allows the user to modify and delete environment objects at run-time.

Demo: Run-Time Agent Properties Modification

In this video, we show how an agent vision can be modified at run-time. In DIVAs, an agent can only see the objects situated in its vision cone. The vision cone parameters (e.g., visible distance, field of view) can be altered at run-time for one agent, a specified range of agents or for all agents in the simulation.

In addition, users can turn on the agent camera mode and see the simulated world through the agent’s perspective.

Finally, the agent simulation mode can be changed from autonomous to user-controlled. In this case, the user takes control of the agent either through the keyboard or wiimote. The agent brain no longer dictates the agent’s actions.