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The Visualization System


The DIVAs Visualization System render 2D and/or 3D images of a simulation. The 2D and 3D Visualizers receive simulation states through the MTS. These states are stored in the VizSimState Repository and are used to create 2D and 3D representations of the simulated virtual entities.

Demo: Visualization

This video shows a 3D Visualization of Mavsville, a virtual city built using the DIVAs 4.0 Environment Specification Tool. It pictures the simulated city using a night skybox and visualizes special effects such as reflective water surface with waves. The simulated city contains 814 environment objects including commercial buildings, residential areas, roads, trees, benches, basketball court and parks.

This video shows the concurrent execution of the 2D and 3D visualizers. Both visualizers are synchronized: a run-time modification performed through one visualizer is reflected simultaneously on the other.