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The 3D Visualizer

The 3D – Visualizer is responsible for generating 3D graphical representations of the simulation. Each simulated entity is mapped to a visualized object (i.e., a 3D graphical representation that portray the simulated entity in the visualizer). Through the 3D visualizer, users can interact with the simulation at run-time (e.g., trigger an event), edit an agent property (e.g., change a human agent field of view), or edit properties of the environment (e.g., add environment object, edit environment object).

The Figure below shows a snapshot of the 3D visualizer developed using the DIVAs. The toolbox in the right provides an interface for the user to add virtual agents, environment objects and trigger events, while the dialog box in the left allows users to change individual agent properties at run-time.

We start the 3D visualizer implementation by creating the “vis3D” inner packages. To do so, create the following sub-packages inside the package “edu.utdallas.mavs.evacuation.visualization.vis3D”:

  1. “vo”
  2. “spectator”
  3. “engine”
  4. “dialog”
  5. “common”
  6. “appstate”