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Evacuation Tutorial Overview

In this tutorial, we provide a detailed description of the steps necessary to implement an evacuation simulation system using DIVAs 4. DIVAs define a set of reusable components implemented as Java libraries that provide the functionalities and abstractions to support the instantiation of concrete simulation systems. In this tutorial, we discuss an evacuation simulator built using the DIVAs framework. The simulator includes evacuation agents situated in a virtual environment representing a city consisting of streets, human agents, etc.

The Figure below illustrates the process of extending and reusing DIVAs components to build an evacuation simulation system. The process starts by extending the Divas-Simulation module to define concrete implementations of: 1) human agent; 2) evacuation environment; and 3) evacuation simulation module. The process proceeds by extending the Divas-Visualization module to implement the evacuation visualization system. The final step in the process is to extend the Divas-GUI to provide a concrete implementation of the GUI module. A detailed discussion for each of these steps are provided through this tutorial.