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Implementing the “interaction” package

This package describes the interaction of an agent and contains the class “HumanInteractionModule” used as the human agent’s abstract interaction module.

To implement the “HumanInteractionModule” class:

    • Create a new class inside the “interaction” package and name it “HumanInteractionModule”.
  • Copy the code given below that describes the full implementation of a “HumanInteractionModule” class.
package edu.utdallas.mavs.evacuation.simulation.sim.agent.interaction;

import java.io.Serializable;

import edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.core.sim.agent.interaction.AbstractInteractionModule;
import edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.core.sim.agent.interaction.communication.AgentCommunicationModule;
import edu.utdallas.mavs.divas.core.sim.agent.interaction.perception.HumanPerceptionModule;

 * This class describes a human agent's abstract interaction module
public class HumanInteractionModule extends AbstractInteractionModule<HumanPerceptionModule, AgentCommunicationModule> implements Serializable
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

     * Constructs a new human interaction module
     * @param perceptionModule
     *        the agent's perception module
     * @param communicationModule
     *        The agent's communication module
    public HumanInteractionModule(HumanPerceptionModule perceptionModule, AgentCommunicationModule communicationModule)
        super(perceptionModule, communicationModule);