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Agent-Based Smart Campus

Overview 1
Apps 2
The Future 3

The Smart Comet Campus project was started by Dr. Rym Zalila-Wenkstern and her team in Fall 2013. The project is dedicated to transforming the University of Texas at Dallas’ campus into a sensor-based, smart university.

Through the utilization of a system of software agents and sensors, the smart campus project will provide specialized services to students, faculty and staff on the university grounds. Our short-term goal is to initially implement a variety of distinct services for the system’s audience, while the next step is to develop a multi-agent framework that coordinates these services.

The Smart Comet Campus project is open to all of the university’s undergraduate and Master’s level students who wish to contribute to further improve the quality of our lives on campus.

Main Contributors:

  • Nick Bourov
  • Sihui Huang
  • Jennifer Jiang
  • Amir Saran

Our vision is to have a fully implemented Smart Campus which will serve as a model for other campuses. Not only will this project help with our everyday lives, but it will also inspire and depict the many potential uses for the agent technology. Our hope is that one day we will live in smart cities where our Smart Campus project can be taken to a much larger scale in order to help serve millions of people.