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Welcome to DIVAs


The purpose of the DIVAs (Dynamic Information Visualization of Agent systems) project is to develop generic reusable components and libraries that can be instantiated and integrated to create decentralized agent-based simulation systems where agents are situated in open (i.e., inaccessible, non-deterministic, dynamic and continuous) environments.

As a software development framework, DIVAs encompasses concepts, architecture, abstract classes, software components and libraries. This large-scale project was started several years ago and has gone through multiple iterations. The various internal releases allowed the definition, refinement and prototyping of the fundamental concepts and building blocks of the framework. The latest baselined version is DIVAs 4.0.


DIVAs 4 Features

  • It can be used to implement a variety of simulation systems in different domains.
  • It provides a pluggable architecture with a collection of reusable abstract classes and software components that allow the rapid development of complex simulation systems.
  • It provides the necessary building blocks for the implementation of: virtual open environments with decentralized structure and control, and virtual agents that can dynamically perceive their surroundings through various senses while interacting and/or collaborating with one another.
  • It provides pluggable 2D and 3D visualizers. It provides editors that can be integrated in simulation systems to allow the run-time property modification of simulated agents (e.g., change goal, modify sensor values) and the virtual environment (e.g., add/modify/remove environment objects, trigger external events).